Box Content Info and 2D barcodes for Amazon FBA

On November 1st, 2016 amazon has decided to implement the box content information requirement. What this means is that FBA would like to know the content of the box as it arrives at the warehouse. Failure to provide this information to Amazon either via seller central web form, 2D barcode will result in a $0.15 cents per unit fee per item.


We have implemented an easy to use editable tool within Listtee. This allows you to generate a 2D barcode for a box, add/edit items to a box. You can print out these barcodes and tape it to your boxes.

If you are already familiar with Listtee and sellercentral this will be easy to understand.

Here are some screenshots  (detailed screen shots and videos to follow at a later date)


  3.  ( you can use this area to open up box content info and print 2d barcodes)

note: that amazon just requires you to provide box content info. That info is on the 2D barcode which you can use an regular laser printer to print. 


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